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An Outdoor Movement and Sound-Based Installation
Trusty Sidekick's Beast
Landed at FIGMENT
Festival at Governors Island, 
June 11-12, 2011 
Best for ages 10+
Immerse yourself in the adventure and struggle of a group of young castaways marooned on an island. Inspired by the writings of William Golding, this outdoor performance installation will explore the deconstruction of order into chaos as the castaways fight the beast within. BEAST was performed as part of the 2011 Figment Festival 
on Governors Island.
Directed by: Adrienne Kapstein and Jonathan Shmidt

Sound Design by: Chris Gabriel

Performed by: Patrick Berger, Philip Degaltini Jr, Emmanuel Elpenord,
Michael Bradshaw Flynn, Augustus Jacobson, Mervyn Morris,
Adam Newborn, Drew Petersen, Marco Santarelli, Alexander Scelso,
Robert M. Stevenson, Eric Vigdorov

Based on an original concept by: Blake McCarty and Jonathan Shmidt
Photos by Alexis Buatti-Ramos
Download the sound installation to your mp3 player, that accompanied the performers during the show.