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A new production for 2-5-year-olds
Trusty Sidekick's Off the Map
The train last left the station on...
April 20, 27, and May 4, 2013

10:30am and 12:30pm

University Settlement
184 Eldridge, New York, NY
MTA: F to 2nd Avenue
The next stop on this train will be...
A subway train has fallen off the map, and everyone is eager to see the conductor put it back where it belongs…well, almost everyone. When one adventurous girl boards the train with a plan of her own, just how far will the the conductor follow her to get the train back on track? Reimagine the world underground in this new performance for 2-5-year olds. Puppetry and projection combined with original music and innovative storytelling create new destinations for the New York City subways, extending beyond the limits of our city maps. Stand clear of the closing doors...
Directed By: Retta Leaphart
Performed By: Jamie Agnello, Spencer Lott, Renata Melillo, and Drew Petersen
Video Design: Zack Ramadan
Original Music: Chris Gabriel

Development and Research Team: Jamie Agnello, Rowan Magee, Renata Melillo,
Meghan Nesmith, Drew Petersen, Julia Proctor & Zack Ramadan

Developed in collaboration with students ages 2-5 from the Early Childhood Center at the University Settlement (Lower East Side).

Off The Map was developed as part of a residency at The Performance Project @ University Settlement. Trusty Sidekick Theater Company artists led development workshops with student ages 2-5 in the Settlement’s early education program. Through a series of creative play and story development workshops led by a team of teaching artists, the students offered their ideas about the subways and acted as dramaturgs, informing the devising process of the artists as they created the show.

Off the Map was made possibly by generous support from: Anthony Sweeney, Barbara Leaphart, Leila Ghaznavi, Laura Hamilton, Eddie Jauregui and Jason Reade, Ann and Ken Harrell, Gary Parker, Nellie Perera, Candice Nattland, Renee Smith, Ian Tresselt, Jody Alperin, Adams Berzins, Blake Caliguiri, Theresa Canzoneri, Vicky Finney Crouch, Sarah Galloway, Devon Holden, Mike Kocurek, John Lanasa, Barbara Leaphart, Alex and Alisa Padilla, Mike Prendergast, Nina Rich, Thomas Rothacker, Charles Schrumpf, Walker Schwartz, Madelyn Shmidt, Rachel Weis, Edie Demas, Mark Hein, Rebecca Leaphart, Sean Marney, Vlada Yaneva, Alexis Buatti-Ramos, Brian Daly, Distilled Theatre Company, Michelle Elliott, Lily Emerson, Gillian Fallon, Craig Harrington, Genevieve Hein, Caroline Hendrix, Caroline Howe, Shirley Kaplan, Alessandro King, Spencer Lott, Leah Meloy, Heather Nicolson, Betsy Hall Nordell, Corinne Robkin, Patrick Stengle, Karen Smith, Robert Stevenson, Skyler Sullivan, Robert Weinstein, Patrick Breiner, Anne Callahan, Danny Campos, Craig Chu, Micaela Blei, Christi Crowley, Mathilde Dratwa, Lily Emerson, Joseph Ferris, Sarah Grace, Caroline Hadilaksono, Caroline Hane-Weijman, Ada Leaphart, Natalie Mack, Maggie Fignotti Robinson, and Alison Zackheim.
Photos by Alexis Buatti-Ramos