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Trusty Sidekick Theater Company takes audiences on two immersive theatrical adventures through the Park Avenue Armory, bringing the stunning, historic rooms and their hidden past to life. Grab a map, choose a character to follow, and uncover the truth in these two back-to-back productions.

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Photos by Kyle Cassidy

Jamie Agnello
Jessica Cannizzaro
Max Dana
Chris Gabriel
Amy Jensen
Retta Leaphart
Spencer Lott
Peter Musante
Drew Petersen
Summer Shapiro
Robert Stevenson
Jason Vance

Leigh Walter

Jamie Agnello, Emily Bruner, Jessica Cannizzaro, Max Dana, Chris Gabriel, Amy Jensen,
Retta Leaphart, Spencer Lott, Peter Musante, Drew Petersen, Robert Stevenson, Jason Vance

Leigh Walter


October 13-19, 2014
Written and Directed by Drew Petersen
Scenic Design by Christopher and Justin Swader
Costume Design by Natalie Loveland
Created and performed by the Trusty Sidekick Ensemble
Do you know about the remarkable life of Toulouse McLane? Well, you’re about to find out. Bravely step inside and follow a mysterious figure down the vast North Hall. Or peek behind a door and follow another figure inside. Listen carefully, as they may offer you a clue about the curious Ms. McLane. Inspired by the real-life history of the breathtaking Park Avenue Armory, this boldly original piece of theater will send audiences on an unforgettable journey, from the deck of the infamous Lusitania to the glamorous parties of the Armory’s own 7th Regiment, to uncover the truth about the life and times of Toulouse McLane. Are you ready to go? Let’s Go.
October 25-30, 2014
Written and Directed by Max Dana and Jonathan Shmidt Chapman
Music by Chris Gabriel
Scenic and Lighting Design by Josh Smith
Costume Design by Natalie Loveland
Created and performed by the Trusty Sidekick Ensemble
Adapted from 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' by Washington Irving
What really happened to poor Ichabod Crane? And how might he be connected to the hallowed ground where the Park Avenue Armory now stands? Be our guest this Halloween season and uncover the truth in this immersive retelling of a haunting American legend. Bravely embark on an eerie journey from the hallowed revolutionary war battlegrounds of Manhattan to the bewitching glen of Sleepy Hollow. Who knows what troubled spirits and strange sights await those who dare to climb the stairs of the mysterious Park Avenue Armory…
Photos by Nancy Krakaur
ICHABOD CRANE was originally developed and performed at The Old Stone House in Brooklyn, NY.
TOULOUSE MCLANE was originally developed as part of the Under Construction residency at the Park Avenue Armory.
Both productions were developed in part with assistance from SPACE on Ryder Farm.
For ages 8 and up
For ages 8 and up