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An Immersive Adventure for Audiences 7+
Trusty Sidekick's The 7 and ½ Mysteries of Toulouse McLane
Work-In-Progress Showing presented on October 6-7, 2013.
“It is hard to describe, you simply need to...experience it.”
Welcome to the mysterious world of Toulouse McLane. Toulouse is a mystery. One person who contains many mysteries. Step inside the vast North Hall, where you will come across a variation of Toulouse McLane. And then you will come across more of them. You may stay with whichever vision of Toulouse you wish. Or abandon one Toulouse, only to find another. But often the best secrets come to those who stick around for a while. Either way, the story always ends the same. But it is the journey, your journey, that is important.

Inspired by the real-life history of the breathtaking Park Avenue Armory, this boldly original piece of theater will send audiences moving through the Armory’s remarkable historic rooms to uncover the truth about the life and times of Toulouse McLane.

Are you ready to go? Let’s Go.
Directed by: Drew Petersen
Devised, Designed and Performed by: Jamie Agnello, Marina Bacon, Jessica Cannizzaro, Amy Jensen, John Lavigne, Retta Leaphart, Spencer Lott, Natalie Mack, Peter Musante, Annie Pardoe, Drew Petersen, Robert Stevenson, Jason Vance & Leilani Wizner.

Additional Devising by: Park Avenue Armory Youth Corps, Paul Brewster, Rachel Claire, Jonathan Shmidt Chapman

Stage Management: Andrew Anzel
Costume Design: Meaghan Cross

Developed as part of the Park Avenue Armory’s Under Construction Series.

Trusty Sidekick’s new work development is made possible in part by a grant from The Nancy Quinn Fund of A.R.T./New York.
Photos by Kyle Cassidy