Trusty Sidekick Theater Company invites you to gather around the campfire. Together we’ll gaze through our binoculars, look for shooting stars, and entertain porcupines with a good joke. This intimate multisensory theater experience for audiences on the autism spectrum and their families will use innovative puppetry and immersive staging to conjure the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of a vibrant forest.


Lincoln Center - 2017

University Settlement - 2014


Written & Directed by Spencer Lott

Scenic Design by Christopher Swader & Justin Swader
Costume Design by Natalie Loveland
Lighting Design by Alex Jainchill
Sound Design by John Gasper
Props Design by Ariel Lauryn
Puppet Design by Nicholas Mahon
Original Music by Natalie Mack

Autism Education Specialist: Aliza Greenberg
Autism Engagement Specialist: Arielle Lever
Autism Resource Specialist: Alison Mahoney

General Manager: Andrew Anzel
Production Manager: Felicia Hall
Technical Director/Master Electrician: Neil Creedon
Stage Manager: Leigh Walter
Assistant Stage Manager: Devin Fletcher
Graphic Designer: David Bizzaro
Web Design: Chris Tusciuk
Production Photography: Buatti-Ramos Photography


Jason Vance, Jamie Agnello, Alex Haynes, Natalie Mack, Robert Stevenson, Leigh Poulos, Arielle Lever, Yeena Sung, Emily Bruner, Samantha Leigh