Up and Away

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Up and away

April 14 – May 6

Lincoln Center's Clark Studio Theater

Join the Fogg Family on a multisensory journey through the sky in your very own hot air balloon. Featuring puppetry, live music, and interactive play, this flight is limited to a small group of young balloonists and their adult sidekicks. Guided one-on-one by members of the Fogg Family, children and their families will experience the wonder of the world above the clouds.

Up and Away is an immersive production designed specifically for young audiences on the autism spectrum, commissioned by Lincoln Center and created by Trusty Sidekick Theater Company.


The resources below were created for young people on the spectrum, their families and caregivers, to prepare for the Up and Away experience. Watch before you embark on your trip to the clouds!

Production Images and Behind the Scenes Videos


Lead Artists

Jonathan Shmidt Chapman – Original Director
Drew Petersen – Playwright & Co-Lyricist
Peter Musante – One on One Experience Director
Nick Benacerraf – Environmental Designer


Sam Jay Gold/Spencer Lott – Phin Fogg
Jamie Agnello – Fran Fogg
Emily Bruner – Faux Fogg
Christopher Stevenson – Phil Fogg
Christina D. Eskridge – Flip Fogg
Arielle Lever – Fan Fogg
Leigh Anne Poulos – Flow Fogg
Robert Stevenson – Carl
Natalie Mack – Foon Fogg
Jason Vance – Frop Fogg


Leigh Walter - Director
Simon Harding – Lighting and Projection Designer
Emmie Finckel – Assistant Environmental Designer
Thomas Ford – Sound Designer/Engineer
Chris Gabriel – Composer & Co-Lyricist / Sound Designer
Spencer Lott – Puppet Director and Designer
Natalie Loveland – Costume Designer
Zack Ramadan – Projection Animation Designer / Documentarian
Brendan Yi-Fu Tay – Prop Designer

Neil Creedon, Michael Leslie – Technical Directors
Quinn Czejkowski – Wardrobe Supervisor
Aliza Greenberg – Autism and Education Specialist
Felicia Hall – Production Manager
Dan Kelly – Stage Manager
Samantha Leigh – Assistant Stage Manager / Understudy
Alison Mahoney – Assistant Director
Renata Melilo Townsend – Audience Engagement Manager
Cheyanne Williams – Props Master

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with The City Council.