(Ages 8+)

A clandestine game is afoot, inspired by the legacy of Henry Street Settlement founder Lillian Wald.

(Ages 2-5)

Have you ever wondered what happens to your shadow while you sleep?

(Audiences on the Autism Spectrum)

The Fogg Family Balloon Society is taking their 1000th balloon ride, and you are invited! Join them on an immersive multi-sensory journey through the sky in your very own hot air balloon.

(Ages 5+)

A new Duke is ruling with an iron fist, the old Duke disappeared in a puddle of mystery, and a stowaway named Dull is on the run from it all back to her homeland of Illyria.

(Ages 8+)

Can you find Lou? An outdoor promenade theatrical tour experience through an alternate reality.

(Audiences on the Autism Spectrum)

Join the Dorothy Sanders Rangers on a sensory journey of the camping in the great outdoors featuring puppetry and live folk music.

(Ages 8+)

Is there a place at the edge of everything where you can just stop and think? Follow Simon on an epic adventure through space and time..

(Ages 7+)

A mysterious site-specific theatrical experience that rewards those who stick around for a while. 

(Ages 9+)

What really happened to poor Ichabod Crane? Who knows what troubled spirits and strange sights await those who dare to embark on this eerie journey. 

(Ages 6+)

You may not know it, but our universe and its countless planets are monitored closely by The Office of Planetary Discovery. A little play of epic proportions.

Off the Map

(Ages 2-5)

A subway train has fallen off the map, and everyone is eager to see the conductor put it back where it belongs.

(Ages 10+)

Immerse yourself in the adventure and struggle of a group of young castaways marooned on an island.


The Little One and the Sea of Letters

(Ages 8+)

What would you do if the only thing standing between you and your future was a vast, endless ocean?